Inner Health and Outer Beauty

Do you get a sense that our inner health is squarely in our own hands? Chronic illnesses that can be avoided will be a big expense for us to treat and will negatively affect our lifestyle, if we don’t heed the advice. We’ve learned that healthy bodies are a choice and to keep our organs in good condition, we need to give them top grade fuel. We’re bombarded with advertising for various ‘healthy’ food products, but how do we know what the real nutritional value is in them? The reality is that nutrient depleted soil, increased use of pesticides and the use of GMO (genetically modified) seeds has robbed our food of its nutrition. Organic foods are much better for us, but because they are usually picked before they’re ripe, in order to be shipped, we don’t get all of the nutrients from them that we could.

Pollution and stress create a need for increased nutrients, especially antioxidants, but a predominantly sedentary lifestyle decreases the amount of calories our bodies need for fuel.  Dr. Duke Johnson, author of  ‘The Optimal Health Revolution ‘ makes a point that our bodies need a specific amount of each nutrient for optimal health and we can’t measure how much of those nutrients we’re getting in each meal. So, whether we want to admit it or not, we have “nutritional gaps”* and we can’t get all of the nutrients our bodies need from the food we eat. Supplementing with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients has been shown to be beneficial for strengthening our organs. Doesn’t it make sense that since our bodies have been designed to utilize food, that our supplements should be food based….not made from chemicals?

Enter >>>NUTRILITE<<< the 1st food based vitamin company in the world…79 years strong…with over 6,400 acres of biodynamic, organic farmland to grow the fruits and vegetables that go into their supplements. Nutrilite has the longevity, financial stability and scientific research to get it right.

Outer Beauty is all about the HEALTH from the inside being displayed on the outside. It’s also about keeping our body’s largest organ healthy because its our 1st line of defense against infections. Have you ever noticed how much faster young skin heals from an injury as compared to older skin? Young skin also looks and feels better. We’ve been told that pollution and too much of the sun’s harmful rays can damage the skin. Damaged skin is often dry and will bruise, crack and bleed easier. Damaged skin doesn’t look and feel good. Good skincare helps to protect your most exposed body parts…specifically your face! Doesn’t it make sense for us to use skincare that has been extensively, clinically tested on people…not animals…before it is sold to the larger public?

Enter >>>ARTISTRY<<< a prestige brand of skincare sold in over 50 countries and territories. In the 50+ years it has been producing skincare products, it has more than 250 patents and patents pending in the field. Just as with Nutrilite, Artistry has the longevity, financial stability and scientific research to get it right.

Did you know that all Nutrilite and Artistry products have a 180 day money-back guarantee…for any reason…even if the product is finished! That’s 6 months! I don’t think any company could stay in business with that kind of a guarantee, without having a quality line of products.

I feel great about representing these lines of products, as well as the other lines, because of the quality and integrity of the Amway Corporation that backs them.

Anna Linzi

Light Heart Enterprises

: 781-727-7521

* Duke Johnson, MD, ‘The Optimal Health Revolution’ 

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