I want to build relationships that are… supportive, encouraging, caring and ones that give positive advice.  I’m seeking forever friendships with people who are giving, caring & growing.

What I absolutely LOVE about this network is that everyone is respectful, sincere, humble, honest and all have great energy.
Nicole Perry

President 2017

If any group sets fire under me, it is this group. I always learn something new or take away something that adds to help me grow whether personally or professionally in our home inspection business or my dry nail polish business!
Sheila Barber

Barber Home Inspection & ColorStreet

SSWBN has been a godsend because I am now involved with a remarkable group of entrepreneurs who are dedicated to helping each other.  

I love helping other people, and SSWBN offers me a wonderful opportunity to give and receive in a manner that is mutually beneficial.

Richard Connolly

iCornerstone, Inc.

I feel like I am surrounded by people who GET me and my business, and I come away from every meeting and conversation feeling empowered and excited about my business. It’s a big group, but yet feels small and cozy – not intimidating at all. I have bad anxiety – so that’s important to me!

Minessa Konecky


My intention today is to connect with someone(s) I can help have a wine tasting for fun & fundraising for a cause or charity of their choice!
Susan Saraca


My intention today is to… work on health, wealth, compassion & connection.
Eric Michael Cohen

The Life Lab Coaching Studio

I know that growing my business starts with a village… consisting of strong powerful business people who support and encourage you through good times and bad.

Investing in a strong network shows… initiative, strength and forward thinking.

Networking is so much better when you join in the conversations going on around you and remember to listen, not just promote you and your business.
Christy Kendrick

Work It Wednesday's Referral Network

I know that growing my business starts with having great connections.  SSWBN is the best place to meet a large variety of new people with diverse backgrounds.

I know that growing my business starts with… “me”, and my commitment to listen and to make my clients’ dreams come true, for buyers & sellers.