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Thank you for participating in the Featured Business Question & Answer segment of the SSWBN Newsletter. Being a Featured Business is one of many benefits of being a member of SSWBN.

Below you will find the guided questions.  You do not have to answer them all.  A few guidelines to keep in mind, as you compose your responses:

  • Limit your responses to 2 – 4 complete sentences.
  • Use active tense when you write.  It will make for livelier reading about you!
  • Unless quoting someone directly in your response, do not use contractions.
  • Make sure every sentence in your response is relevant.
  • Proofread – or better yet, have someone else proofread – your submission before sending it to us!

The newsletter is published on or close to the first of each month.

The charge for this member benefit  is only $50, payable by check or Paypal.
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The SSWBN Newsletter Team will review your submission, and they will have final approval for publication.  If we provide any editing over and above simple grammar or spelling, we will send you the edits for your final approval.  We reserve the right to refuse publication, and in such cases, we will provide you with the reasons for refusing, and reimbursement of any money that you have paid.

If you have any questions, please contact the office, 781-924-5160 for help.