Lynn Feingold

Lynn Feingold

There is a real theme of connection in my column this month.

It’s making me recall what Jessica Foley said at the SSWBN Spring into Networking event at Dave and Busters recently.  She said that you really need to work at networking.  That means that you shouldn’t just be trading business cards at an event!  Shake hands.  Make eye contact.  Listen to what they are saying.  Strive to make a connection with them.  Follow up with them after the event, and once the connection is made, maintain that connection. 

Here’s my take on it:  If you’re building a bridge between you and another person — how strong would you like it to be before you take a step on it?

Lori Cook of  A Fork in the Road at Bryantville would like to thank Kristen Ford-Hernandez of Premiere Pros for her dedication to Lori’s projects.  “Kristen has treated my marketing changes as thoughtfully as if she were working on her own business!”

Caroline Chapin of The James Library & Center for the Arts was thrilled to have SSWBN director Stacey Shipman perform one of the 10 selected stories at their recent, standing-room-only Story Slam.  Caroline said, “Stacey is a terrific storyteller!”

Allison Guido of Almar Building and Remodeling, Co.  had a great one-on-one with Judy Rizzo from Rizzo Plumbing and Heating, and got to tour her new office.  Allison said, “I was really pleased to get the chance to reconnect and talk about how we can keep working together.”

Christy Kendrick is very happy to announce that she will be teaching a class at the Inspiring Windows store in Hanover on May 17th from 3 t0 5 pm.  Christy met the store owners through SSWBN and decided to collaborate for this class, called Whole Food = Real Food — Some of the Whys & Hows.  They will provide food samples and recipes.  Reach out to Christy for more information and the fee for the event: 508-846-4522.

Stacey Shipman, SSWBN executive director, would like to thank Lori Cook of A Fork in the Road at Bryantvillefor providing a cheese and vegetable tray and sandwiches for a recent Hanover Toastmastersevent.  “Lori accepted my last minute order and delivered later that day.  We had so much food I got to take some home!  Thanks Lori!”

Patty Funder of LaserLight for Men and Womenacknowledges host Carolyn Chapin of the James Library and Center for the Arts, Jen Mullen of JAM Gourmet Foods & Catering, and Stacy Doherty, president of SSWBN and owner of Errands Etcetera, for their collaboration in the May 6th Coffee with the President event.  “I walked in to a concert pianist playing the baby grand, the best scones I have ever had, and what turned out to be an inspirational discussion among a nice, but small mix of new and seasoned SSWBN members,” said Patty.  “If you have never participated in one of these Coffee events, you are missing something pretty special!”

Stacy Doherty, president of SSWBN and owner ofErrands Etcetera, sent in a bunch of acknowledgements:

  • Many thanks to Heidi Smith of Heidi’s skin care salon for the referral to a great hairdresser!  I love my new look and it is so easy to maintain!
  • Thank you to Nancy O’Keefe of Simple Small Business Solutions.  You have been such a beam of support for me and I greatly appreciate it!
  • Thanks to Betsy Donahue of M. Donahue Associates, Inc. for passing my name along to your Pilates instructor.  I’ll keep you in the loop if we are able to connect.
  • Thank you so much to Nancy Boyle of Live Light Yoga for the inspiring meeting at the beginning of the month.  It was great to hear your version of why the Network was started so long ago, and why it has continued to help women in our community to connect.
  • Thanks to Nicky Peterkin of NYLife Securities for setting up my retirement account just in time for the tax credit!

Finally, I’d like to send out my personal thanks toJanet LaBerge of Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap andGood Deeds

.  I have met some wonderful people who are committed to heartwarming local charitable organizations at the Good Deeds monthly Give-Back parties, and once in a while I get to sing to them.  

Build your bridges strong and true, so that they will be there when you need them!

Lynn Feingold, Tavern Wench
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