Lynn Feingold

Lynn Feingold

Finally, the snow has melted, and the bright blossoms of thanks and appreciation of SSWBN members are breaking out all around us!

Stacey Corbett of USA Mobile Drug Testing of Greater Brockton would like to thank Tracy Dieselman of South Shore Pool Supply for her business. “At Tracy’s request we implemented a Drug-Free Workplace Program for her business, including policy and testing measures.  Thank you, Tracy, for putting your trust in us to help protect your business.”

Anna Linzi of Light Heart Enterprises sends a big thanks to Patty Funder of LaserLight for Men and Women. Anna said, “…my friends and I had such fun at our Ladies Night at Patty’s studio.” [Columnist’s note: I found it humorous that Patty Funder also wanted to share her gratitude with Anna Linzi for organizing and bringing her friends to the LaserLight Night event!] Anna and husband/business partner Matt Menapacealso want to thank Nancy O’Keefe of Simple Small Business Solutions. Anna said, “We are learning so much through Nancy’s Stop Working So Hard webinar series.”

Stacy Doherty of Errands Etcetera extends her thanks to Elizabeth Beach Hacking ofShelf Genie. Stacy said, “Thank you for thinking of me when it came time to organize your boxes of client files.  I’m honored that you would trust us with such private information, and allow us to help you create a system to use in the future.” Stacy also sends a big thanks and congratulations toLauren and Al Cloutier with Cloutier Photography, “for hiring us to help prepare for your big open house! The layout of your space is perfect, and has come a long way in the last six months!” Finally, Stacy expressed warm appreciation to Casey Kerr of Find Your Roar: “I appreciate you taking the time to chat with me and also follow up about the customized programs you’ll be offering!  I hope to work with you in the future.”

Lisa Marie Williams of Lisa Marie’s Boutique said, “I’m so excited to be meeting with Lois Wood of LW Creative Group this week to start the process of re-working my website and taking it to the next level. Thanks, Lois!” Lisa Marie also sends her thanks to Patty Dunigan from BizChecks Payroll, who responded quickly when Lisa Marie called for help.

Happy Spring, everyone! Plant the seeds of collaboration. Cultivate your network. Go ahead and get your hands a little dirty — then let me know what good things you have grown!

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