Lynn Feingold

Lynn Feingold

It may not seem like it yet, but the days are getting longer.  Soon all of this snow will be a distant memory!  In spite of the wind and weather, many of our members continue to reach out to one another to make meaningful Connections.  Here are a few success stories to brighten up your February!

Janet LaBerge of Dirty Deeds and Good Deedswould first like to thank all the members who voted and badgered friends to vote for her for Idea Cafe’sEntrepreneur of 2013.  The support meant a 4191 vote total, which was enough to win!  Congratulations, Janet!  She continues, “Thank you to everyone who shops at Good Deeds and recommends it to their friends for a great shopping experience.  This last weekend felt like old home week, with a chance to visit with Jim Della Volpe,Katie Howard, Cheryl Terrell of Comfort Keepers,Alison Schirone of Yarns End, Patty Dunigan ofBiz Checks Payroll, and Susan Peters of Mt. Vernon Mortgage, who brought her friends, the Helens.  We have been open for only seven months and our store is always packed with kind folks who enjoy the treasure hunt.  Thanks for supporting our vision and mission.”

Janet also thanks George Boerger, of Boerger Law, for hiring Dirty Deeds to move his office to their new digs in Duxbury.  “Thanks as well, to Robin Feltoonof Holly Tree Dental for hiring Dirty Deeds to clean out her basement.  Thank you to Susan Carmichael, recently retired from Elizabeth Pineault, CPA for choosing Dirty Deeds to remove items from her condo so it would sell quickly.

This month we have words of praise and recommendation from two sources for Holly Tree Dental.  Janet LaBerge said, “I have been entirely impressed with every aspect of this business.  Robin Feltoon replaced a filling for me and there was NO pain, NO bad smell and NO numbing all day from the Novocain.  Nice to have someone concerned about my overall experience who uses the most modern tools available in a beautiful office setting.”  In addition, Kim DeGust ofMolisse Realty Group said, “I contacted Courtney Brady after a bad experience with my last dentist.  Holly Tree Dental does so many little things to ensure the patient is comfortable, including a massaging dental chair.  But most importantly, Courtney is very good at her job.  My teeth look great and the experience was pain free!”

Alison Schirone of Yarns End sends thanks toMaureen Elliott for doing a bit of extra running around to get some Yarn’s End shirts monogrammed.  Alison said, “It was clear to me she went above and beyond to get them delivered to us in a timely way.  Also, many thanks to Gretchen Gold of  Wish List Consignment for suggesting that Yarn’s End appear on Channel 9’s The Phyllis Show, an interview program that airs on Weymouth CATV.  It was a wonderful experience and we would not have heard about it if Gretchen didn’t suggest us!”

As we heard at the State of the Network breakfast recently, it’s important to attend SSWBN meetings and social events and follow up with people whom you have met.  Maybe you could offer a discount to fellow SSWBN members.  Maybe you could call someone you met at breakfast and find out how you can help them.  Maybe YOU could make a Connection!  When you do, let me know about it!

Lynn Feingold
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