nicky peterkin

Nicole Peterkin,
New York Life 

‘You cannot give back to a network that is not helping your business’


I have been a member of the SSWBN for a year and a half, and I have made the most out of the Network by attending events, following up with contacts I’ve met at them, and making sure to do business within the Network as much as humanly possible — and to always refer others to members in the Network.

The Network has meant an opportunity for me to do my part in helping the growth of small, local, women-owned businesses, which I think is incredibly important.  From a business perspective, it has allowed me to meet people I would not have necessarily met otherwise outside of the Network to share what I’m doing.

I would encourage other members to make it a priority to do business within the Network.  This doesn’t mean giving your business only to other members;  but it also means making a concerted effort to help the other members businesses grow.

Growth within a business happens through client acquisition — that’s obvious.  It is also obvious that you cannot and will not do business with every member business;  but by getting to know the other members not just at networking events but in coffee meetings and over lunch, you build relationships.  The knowledge gained and relationships built in these meetings create opportunities for you to become more referable and give you the confidence to refer other members.  You can’t refer someone you don’t know and trust.

A business networking group can only grow if the member businesses are growing and thriving — you cannot give back to a network that is not helping your business. You aren’t going to do business with everyone in the group and not everyone will do business with you, but the best way for everyone to grow is to have a group philosophy and culture of doing business and referring business within the network with a goal of group growth.

I’m very excited for the future growth of the SSWBN!

Nicole Peterkin, Financial Adviser
New York Life & New York Life Securities