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Plan, Protect and Proceed

 Our granddaughter, Elizabeth, is 10 years old.  Since she was a baby, my wife, Renee, told herself and Elizabeth that when Elizabeth was 10 Grandma Renee would take her to Paris.  Begrudgingly, I was allowed to tag along and the three of us went to Paris for a week in March, 2013.  We tried our best to see Paris through the eyes of a 10-year-old.  We think we succeeded.

We were able to do this because of a lot of luck, hard work and planning.  I am not sure of the percentages but it worked.

So, to the purpose of the story, if it is not obvious:

Plan, Protect and Proceed.  As any reader of past columns may have surmised, I am an optimist and a bit of a pragmatist.  I have tripped more than once and have been pushed around now and again throughout my life.  Through it all I did and continue to do my very best to look forward to tomorrow and beyond.  I try not to repeat the past mistakes — but sometimes I do.  I try to plan for many contingencies, but cannot think of all of them.  I apologize a lot and try very hard to explain to my clients, my friends and my family the need to focus on what is important and most beneficial.

I seek advice.

I listen to my financial planner, my accountant, healthcare providers, other lawyers and good friends.  I do my best to protect my assets and my health.  Do I take chances?  Absolutely!  For starters, I walk out the door every day.  I invest in the stock market,  I travel to foreign places and get in my car every day.  Will bad things happen?  Yes, but hopefully not too bad.

You should develop your own set of trusted advisors and listen to them.  You should understand that they are providing a service, so if you hire them you should be willing to pay them.  Always consider a second opinion.  None of us is right all the time even when we do our best.

Take a page from the playbook of Gordon, Mond & Ott:  we provide estate planning services and business planning services, and we work with other professionals.

Whether it is a trip to Paris, Cape Cod or a Red Sox game, PLAN, PROTECT, PROCEED — and then relax.

Call me or email me, Barry Gordon.  I would appreciate the opportunity to be part of your team of advisors.

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