Barry Gordon, Gordon Mond & Ott

Barry Gordon, Gordon Mond & Ott

The following forms the basis for Attorney Gordon’s part in the SSWBN seminar for May as part of the Business Development Mastermind Series.

Once Upon A Time:  A true and personal story


As you know, technology now makes it possible to pick the conclusion to some television stories.  They give you the beginning and the middle, and you construct the ending.

Likewise, with every life there is a beginning, a middle and a conclusion.  We do not get to pick the beginning of our life, but we often have some control over the course of it and over the conclusion.

You can retain our team to work with you to write the story and the conclusion.

If you were given the opportunity to write your story and the conclusion would it include that you were respected as a good and successful businessperson?  Would you be spoken of kindly, thought of as benevolent, remembered with a smile?

If what you hope for yourself is not the path you find yourself traveling today, and you want to work with a team with the knowledge and skill to reshape your path , then we are the team for you!

To start the beginning of the next part of your life and your business, doing two things will make life easier and more satisfying:

  1. Organize the corporate books and governance.  Simply, that means reviewing books and records to make certain all officer/director information is accurate and that all votes are in place.
  2. Review the financial condition of the corporation to make sure there is a good business plan.  Make sure that you know how to make money, and that you actually are making money, and that you have the right staff.

You do all this so there is a happy ending.  Our team will meet with you to work through you goals, determine if the goal is realistic, determine the value of corporation, provide recommendations to enhance the value, and set realistic values for sale of interests to employees or to others or for estate planning purposes.

Determine whether or not employees and owners want to put a buy/sell agreement in place, and if they do, implement it.  You might be very surprised how much you are worth or could be worth!

Allow us to help you get involved, resolve your problems, and evolve your business into the business you hoped it would be.  In the course of our work, we will guide you to write a conclusion to a book and a life that you, your family and all of your colleagues will read over and over again.


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