Redefine IRE

For most people the word IRE means ‘anger.’  For others IRE stands for INTERNATIONAL RECYCLING EXPO.  For many in the month of March, with St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner clearly IRE stands for ‘Ireland.’

I have created another definition for IRE:  an acronym which stands for Involve, Resolve, Evolve.

Based upon the experience I have gained during my years of practice, and the turmoil I have witnessed in clients’ lives, I have expanded my law practice to cover new businesses, existing businesses and businesses in transition in a brand new way.

Working with families and their businesses is extremely rewarding for me.  I involve counselors, accountants, business brokers and other professionals as necessary.  Everyone has to become fully involved.

Every issue as to be put on the table, talked through and resolved.  Each person must be willing to transform, accommodate or separate.  That way each person evolves and families and businesses grow and survive.

Call me, Barry Gordon, and let’s talk and let’s see if the IRE’d up you can get.

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Barry Gordon, Gordon Mond & Ott

Barry Gordon, Gordon Mond & Ott