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Start 2013 Doing Things to Make Life Easier, More Satisfying

To start the year 2013 there are some things to do that will make life easier and more satisfying.  To start, begin with:

Organize the corporate books and governance.  Simply, that means reviewing books and records to make certain all officer/director information is accurate and that all votes are in place.

Review the financial condition of the corporation, to determine the value of the corporation.  From there, set realistic values for sale of interests to employees or to others, or for estate planning purposes.  In conjunction with this process determine ways to enhance the value.

Determine if employees and owners want to put a Buy/Sell Agreement in place, and if they do, implement it.  You might be very surprised at how much you are worth or could be worth!

Allow us to help you get involved, resolve your problems and evolve into the person you want to be.


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