Each month the SSWBN Membership Team recognizes a member who exemplifies the qualities of a Networking Nova, a person who embodies the Network’s core values of coaching, contacts and collaboration; someone who is visible at many SSWBN events and who treats others with respect and dignity.  In addition, this person utilizes the Network to build his/her business and helps others do the same.

Judy Rizzo of Rizzo Plumbing & Heating

Advises   ‘Jump In’

My introduction to the SSWBN occurred when I attended an event in April 2012.  I was surprised at the number and diversity of businesses that were represented.  I thought it was a good indicator that all businesses, small and large, were welcome to participate.  The atmosphere and energy in the room was positive.

There are so many great ideas out there, within the Network!  Considering those ideas helps me to make the most out of my Network membership.  It’s inspiring to learn how these entrepreneurs formulate short and long term goals, and how they overcome the challenges of growing a business.

Being a member has opened up a whole world of business contacts on the South Shore that I would not have made on my own.  Collaboration and forging new business relationships is key to expansion, and the Network has allowed us this opportunity. As a result, we have acquired new business that contributes to our overall growth.

It can be difficult to walk into a room full of people you don’t know; however, the more events you attend the easier it gets.  If you are having a one-on-one conversation, pay close attention to the person you are speaking with – it is easy to get distracted in a busy room.  If you are part of a group conversation, jump in when you have something to offer – your opinion has value and should be shared with this group.

I love being part of a group that will provide support and education along with networking opportunities.  Also, because it is such a large and diverse group, it provides a great resource for my own business and personal needs.

Judy Rizzo
Rizzo Plumbing & Heating LLC