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If you are looking for a lawyer who will represent you and will work with you to focus on what is important, and one who does it zealously, then call me, Barry Gordon.

Here is my philosophy:

Tell the people who bring bad into your life that you have to separate from them as much as possible – or maybe even totally.  Turn your focus to people whom you care for, and who care for you.

If you think something went wrong in any of your relationships, try and fix them.  Ask each person in the relationship if she or he wants to work with you — or prefers to move on.

Think about forgiveness and clear up your past.  Ask people what you can do better.  If you cannot do anything better, or you do not think it is worth it, or you do not want to, move away.  Just move away.

Take a deep breath, take control over your life and move away.

If you are planning to move away or planning to rebuild your relationships call us before you sign any paperwork or make any agreements!

We want to be your lawyers.  Are we right for you?


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