Moving Forward from Labor Day

Fall is in the air.  The goal is to be ready, ready for back to school and whatever else fall brings.  Prepare for what the election brings whether your candidate wins or not.  Each of us will have to depend more on ourselves and our support systems.  What government brings will be dessert because there will be no main course coming from the government.  Some days we will have to go without dessert.

If you had not noticed the Government cannot get out of its own way.  Look at the Republicans who put up a brain-dead candidate from Missouri (my opinion).

So what do we all do?  We build reserves, secure assets, talk with our families and watch out for signs of danger.

Incorporate your business.  Segregate assets and do not secure all assets when you borrow money.  Put insurance into trusts.  Place a homestead on your home.  Reduce interest rates on your mortgage.  Buy more auto and home liability coverage.  Prepare an estate plan.

Just in case you think I am not an optimist, you thought incorrectly.  I am optimistic about myself and my trusted advisors.  I am focusing on my issues and those of my family.  I am focusing on my clients’ issues.

I do not want to clutter my mind with the absolute trash that is on TV and the internet every day.

I urge you to do the same.

Call me, Barry Gordon, at Gordon, Mond & Ott. My associates and I will work with you and provide you with a team of advisors, good, capable people whom we use for ourselves.  Let us work with you to reduce or  remove uncertainties so you can enjoy your life.  We will be part of your support system.

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