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No, this is not “who’s on first?” as that is an old comedy routine.  This is, in all seriousness, a question of priorities.

This question centers on how we spend our assets and income, and what do we do about the things that are not funded.

First, let’s list some of the priorities that people have.  This is not an exhaustive list and it is not specific to anyone in particular; so it includes daily expenses such as rent and food, healthcare, education, retirement, caring for parents and once in a while, a vacation.  Certainly big enough as is, but for the rich, very rich and super rich the pile gets higher and often overwhelming.  Add to these priorities the running of a business or dealing with extended illnesses and chronic conditions, and what comes first then?

Who among us knows all the answers?  I will go out on a limb and say, none of us.

Meeting with an attorney and a financial planner will often ease many of the frightening thoughts you may have about your pile of priorities.  The comforting you experience from having someone you can talk to and rely upon might give you are few moments of sleep.

A word of caution: if you have a rigid need for self-reliance and do not think the government should help anyone, irrespective of their priorities for food, employment, making the next mortgage payment, assisted living when very old, etc.;  then no matter what happens, I suggest you should never accept an SBA LOAN, FOOD STAMPS or an EFT CARD IF YOU ARE HUNGRY;  UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS, MONEY FOR YOUR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS, SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE , MEDICAID or ANY OTHER ‘SOCIALIST’ PROGRAMS.  Without these programs think how much more depressing and pessimistic choosing your priorities and managing your life would be.

So let’s celebrate the 4th of July and then call us and see how we can help!

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