What is so hard?

Barry Gordon, Gordon Mond & Ott

What is so hard about facing facts?  In fact almost everything!

We all make mistakes, and we have all said things we later regretted.  We have made personal and business decisions that were not the best.  We have all been carrying baggage around for a long time.  We hate confrontation and bad news.

If you have business, legal or personal family issues that are gnawing at you (unless you are planning to commit murder or mayhem) please speak with your lawyer as soon as possible.  If there is a medical procedure or business change that is upcoming in your future call us.  If there is a medical situation, talk with your doctor.  Lawyers are always willing to give advice but perhaps medical advice is not their forte.

At Gordon, Mond & Ott we are familiar with many varied legal, business and personal situations which may seem odd and confusing and overwhelming to you, but which we have seen in our practice.  In all likelihood we have dealt with the problems or at least with similar ones.

Each and every day the law changes and becomes more complicated — and therefore your lives become more complicated.  We keep up with the changes and have the resources available to deal with your issues and give you possible alternatives.  We listen and give you the opportunity to weigh choices.

Invest in your relationship with your lawyer and if you don’t have one who handles your type of problem, call Gordon, Mond & Ott.  Or for your peace of mind, call us for a second opinion.  The investment will produce significant returns and confidence in your decision-making.  We will work with you, your accountant, your financial planner and banker, and provide valid and transparent advice.

Barry Gordon
Gordon, Mond & Ott
A practicing lawyer for 43 years.