April 2012 NOVA

Ann Brown, Professional Relations Coordinator for Oral Surgery South

Oral Surgery South has been a member of SSWBN since April 2011.

Oral Surgery South has been proud to be part of SSWBN.  We have taken advantage of several opportunities to utilize this strong networking group, including sponsoring a lunch and hosting an event at Oral Surgery South for fellow members of the Network.

Being a member of SSWBN has afforded Oral Surgery South a great opportunity to gain exposure to a network of talented, successful business women.  The relationships I have forged on behalf of Oral Surgery South have developed into strong friendships both on a personal and business level.  Several have developed into qualified referrals.

Three pieces of advice that I would give to other members would be to take advantage of every opportunity that the Network has to offer, to be organized, and to be prepared.  You never know when or from where your next referral will come.  The best advice I could offer to a non-member is to JOIN and become a part of this productive and always fun group.

On a personal note, SSWBN has helped me to become a stronger marketing coordinator for Oral Surgery South.  Being surrounded by strong, motivated business professionals has inspired me to follow suit.  Oral Surgery South values the relationship with SSWBN and looks forward to continued success together.