Barry Gordon

A Time for Reflection

Having practiced law for more than 40 years (yikes!), it is nice to pause and think about all the things I have learned in my practice, and about what I try to practice in my life.

No, I am not retiring;  but I have become more thoughtful and understanding.  So let me share with you some of my reflections:

No battle — and especially no legal battle — automatically qualifies as worth fighting.  If properly assessed, few actually would qualify as worth the toll it will take on the adversaries.

If you have what you think is a worthwhile cause, talk to us to get a sense of the costs and the return on your financial and emotional investment.

Whether you are having a marital disagreement, a business disagreement or a disagreement about an estate, get a legal opinion about the dollars likely to be involved.  Think carefully about  what your endgame may look like, whether you “win” or “lose.”  Even as a winner, you may not like the person you see when the dust settles.

We at Gordon. Mond and Ott are very good lawyers and counselors.  We will guide you through the cost evaluation and thought process.  We will give you our best to resolve the problems that face you without an emotionally and financially costly confrontation, without a lengthy and exhausting battle.

Should we agree that your particular situation warrants a fight (it will be due to immoveable obstinacy on the other side), and we agree that we will be your attorney, we will represent you with the strongest advocacy that our resources can muster.

We will use our collective years of experience to assess the financial cost and to put together realistic timelines.  As with all such engagements things will change, and so we will keep you informed of those changes.

That being said, my wife, Renee, and I are off to Paris!  See you all soon.  Should you need our assistance in the interim, my associates are here to help.


Barry Gordon