Courtney Newcomb – Arrange Boston


Courtney Newcomb from Arrange Boston has been a member since October 27, 2011.

She has made the most out of the Network by joining the New Member Membership Committee, and by getting together with other members for coffee.  “The Network has been great because it gives me an outlet to meet people whom I may not have normally met. It forces me to network and ‘step out of the box,’ so to speak,” Courtney said.

“I have also given some referrals and have gotten referrals as well. Equally important, the Network highlights local businesses – and this is good!” she said.

“The advice I give my friends and others who own a new business is to join the Network;  which they will be doing this week.

“I would say the best advice I could give someone is to make a point to meet at least two new people each time you go, and not to hang exclusively with the ones you already know.”

Courtney added, “I am very new, so each time I go I am impressed with the Network and would like to really take advantage of all that it has to offer.”

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