Barry Gordon


A new year, a good time to get your legal house in order.

Here is a simple checklist:


  1. Prepare an estate plan, complete with wills, trusts,  powers of attorneys and healthcare proxy. This is especially important if  you are divorced or newly married.
  2. Prepare a succession plan for your business.
  3. Protect your non business assets.
  4. Talk with your parents about estate and Medicaid  planning.

Make three plans for yourself and your family to address each of these issues:  a plan for this
week, one for this month, and one for this year.

Make certain that everyone who needs to know what you  want to do and need to do, are aware and will be there to help.

Think out what your plans are, be willing to adjust if  that is possible.  Finalize the plans and  execute them.  If you trip up a bit, then  readjust and move forward.  Don’t take ‘no’  for an answer, if it is only because someone else said you cannot do what you  want to do.  Different professionals have  different ideas.

Call me, Barry Gordon at 617 786-0800 or  I will meet with you promptly and answer your questions and respond.

Happy New Year!

P.S. we handle lots of refinances and make referrals to  really good lenders.