Kristen Ford Hernandez

Hello members!


Is it really April?  It seemed as if it would never come.  I was so pleased to attend our March luncheon at our new location, the Hingham Beer Works, and to see so many of you there.  To Judy Walsh-Rodriguez of WatchAll: Welcome back my friend!  You made the March 16th luncheon a special one.

Judy asked to include a number of thank-yous this month.  “I would like to thank so many of my friends of SSWBN and their unending support over the past four weeks – to Janet LaBerge of DDDDC who was and still is so supportive of me.  She visited more than once while I was in the hospital, she kept me company at home and picked me up and drove me to places that I needed to go.  She made me laugh, which is the best medicine.  She is truly a wonderful person and a woman that I, as well as so many others, can always count on.  To Katie Howard of SSWBN, who brought me treats and kept in touch to make sure I was OK and didn’t need anything.  She is awesome and makes being involved in SSWBN a pleasure. To Kristen Ford-Hernandez of Premiere Pros who visited as well and always checked in to see how I was doing, I’m fortunate to call her my friend.  To Rosemarie Lanchester of Everything You Wish For, Michael Christopher of MyTech Solutions, Stacey Shipman, Diane Sargent of South Shore Elder Services, Alison Guido of Almar Builders, Kristin Foristall with Sweet K Cookies, Lois Drukman of Walter May Insurance, Barbara Case of Moors-Cabot Investments,  Margerite Salvucci of South Coast Bank, Cheryl Terrill of Comfort Keepers, thank you all for your well wishes, it means more to me than you know.  And for everyone else that has reached out to me – you have all made such a huge difference in my recovery and I will never forget your kindness.  I am humbled and so grateful to you all.  I am so proud to be involved in this wonderful organization.”

Former SSWBN member Lisa Johns Braun wrote in that she recently recommended Loraine Fields from The Flower Mill to a client for her wedding.  The client subsequently emailed to Lisa:  “I met with Loraine down in Weymouth.  She’s AWESOME and there’s no need to even meet with others.  She has a great eye and already knows exactly what I wanted (and I didn’t even know what I wanted!).  Thank you for recommending her!”

Kristin Foristall of Sweet K Cookies sent in a BIG thank you Cathy Follett of Renovisions, Kathleen Keegan of Real Estate Rocks, Lynn Feingold of Songs of the Colonial Days, and Janet LaBerge and Katie Howard of SSWBN for their cookie orders.  I truly appreciate your support and am so grateful for the cookie opportunities!!

Rebecca Coletta, Esq. of Hanover earned a big THANK YOU from Patty Funder of LaserLight for Men and Women, for “comforting and expert” legal guidance that Becky has been providing for a personal matter.  (“No, she did not have to get me out of jail,” said Patty.)  After getting great service and a very good deal, Patty also thanks new SSWBN member Molly Garrity for signing her up as a new customer for Williams Coal & Oil Company.

Please remember to submit any connection or thank-you to be in next month’s column.  I hope April showers you with business!

Kristen Ford-Hernandez
Premiere Pros

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